4 Dishwasher Uses to Make Your Life Easier

These dishwasher uses could surprise you and make your life easier.

The word “dishwasher” can be misleading.

Using the machine to wash your dishes is fitting, but the pride and joy of your kitchen is capable of a lot more.

When there are countless items in your to-do list, why not incorporate them into your regular routine? Check out these 4 dishwasher uses to make your life easier:

Prep food:

Your dishwasher could help you trim some time from food preparation. Yes, you can actually put food in your dishwasher! Try throwing in a few potatoes — or load up the entire dishwasher, if you’re feeling hungry — and run the dishwasher cycle. Be sure you’re not using soap, though! The potatoes will come out clean and ready to be cooked. While you’re at it, you can start a second load with sponges and scrub brushes. Cleaning tools can get dirty, too, and your dishwasher can help clean them.

Cook food:

After you’ve begun preparations for dinner, you can use your dishwasher to cook dinner. Grab some foil and a lemon and get ready to cook some salmon. It might not taste the same as the old family recipe, but you can cook salmon and a few other foods in the dishwasher. If you’re feeling ambitious, check out this recipe for dishwasher salmon. Dishwasher uses stretch further than you might think.

Clean common household items:

If you’re not daring enough to involve your dishwasher in dinner preparations, you can also use to it clean common household items. From plastic toy action figures to the shelves in your refrigerator, the limits of your dishwasher may stretch farther than you can imagine. A few of these items you can clean might surprise you.

Clean sweaty sports equipment or clothing:

The kids have been running around, and their smelly sports equipment is contributing to a foul odor in your home. Instead of settling with a smelly house and stained clothing, toss the equipment in the dishwasher. Those shin guards, mouth guards and knee pads are in need of a quick wash cycle.

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