4 Warning Signs You’ve Got a Plumbing Emergency

Read these 4 warning signs you've got a plumbing emergency.

You know that small drip in your shower you can’t seem to stop?

It’s slowly filling a hypothetical 500-gallon bucket if it’s dripping at a rate of 10 drips per minute. You could be using that water to wash 60 loads of dishes with your dishwasher, instead.

Your leaky faucet isn’t helping, either. It’s not an extra guest in your home using enough water for 180 showers in a year — it’s your dripping faucet, and your water bill is feeling the extra digits.

Above all else, those small leaks could be warning signs of a plumbing emergency that’s about to turn your home into a swimming pool or draft foul odors into your house.

Don’t let your plumbing fixtures damage your home. Check out these 4 signs you’ve got a plumbing emergency looming.

1. Damaged walls or wallpaper

The shriveling wallpaper on your bathroom wall is no longer a mystery. A leaky pipe in your home can affect your walls and floors as it slowly damages drywall and causes floors to crack or buckle. Replacing drywall isn’t cheap. Don’t ignore the wet spots on your floor or unusual spots on your walls, as they could be signs of a much bigger plumbing emergency. The accompanying mold or mildew smell won’t be pleasant, either.

2. Slow drain

By the time you get used to standing in a pool of water in the shower or convince yourself it’s normal, a plumbing emergency is well on its way. Slow drains in your home could be a sign of a clog that has the potential of blocking your pipes altogether. Take action now before your bathroom floor becomes a swimming pool.

3. Rusty water

A hot shower is your escape after a long day at work. When the water escaping the showerhead is colder than the inside of your freezer, you’ll wish you would have recognized the warning signs of a failing water heater. The rusty water, the rumbling noise, the small leak around your water heater — these small signs are something worth paying attention to.

4. Sump pump something

What’s that smell? When your home falls victim to unpleasant odors and it’s not the dirty diapers in the garbage or that gym bag in the corner, your sewer could be the culprit. Signs of a sewer emergency include slowly draining water, a sewage smell, or even water leaks and stains around your home. Your sewer system can also affect natural gas lines around your home. It’s all the more reason to take action – or call a professional.

When a plumbing emergency strikes, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is here to help. Our punctual plumbers are available 24/7 to help you with drain cleaning, leak detection and water heater repair. Contact us day or night and we’ll be ready to tackle your plumbing needs.

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