5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Flushable Wipes

Flushable wipes have been known to cause clogged toilets.

Soft, strong and durable.

What toilet paper companies are striving for their product to be has become the root of the problem for flushable wipes.

Often preferred to toilet paper, the wipes are found in many homes and are marketed as “flushable.” But are they?

In recent years, the wipes have led to lawsuits, increased utility rates and flooded basements. Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about flushable wipes.

1. They’ll clog your toilet.

When the wipes were tested, the results didn’t give way to promising results. In one report, it took eight seconds for a piece of toilet paper to dissolve compared to half an hour for a flushable wipe. It’s tough to avoid a clog when the wipes aren’t dissolving as quickly as toilet paper and cause other items to catch on, which will eventually clog your toilet.

2. They’re capable of flooding your basement.

The thought of sewage seeping into your basement is something you’d never like to experience. For one local resident, that nightmare became a reality. The cause? Wet wipes. Though they’re deemed “flushable” by many, the wipes combine with paper and grease to form large clumps. Suddenly, sewage and wastewater levels are higher, and flooded basements are not uncommon.

3. They can form a clog the size of a city bus.

You read that correctly — a15-ton blob the size of a city bus of waste sitting in a sewer system. In 2013, London sewers were reduced to 5 percent of their normal capacity thanks to a gigantic clump of waste consisting of wipes and other household waste materials. You likely won’t find a bus-sized blog in your own sewer, but wipes quickly add up and can results in some grimy masses you won’t want to uncover.

4. They’re making your neighbors unhappy.

The broken fence post or that tree of yours that’s growing into your neighbor’s yard might cause some tension, but what’s happening underground is causing even more. Not only could you and your neighbors see increased utility rates due to increased maintenance, and the people solving the problems due to flushable wipes would likely rather not be dealing with the damage.

5. They actually belong in the garbage.

Though the thought of tossing the wipes into your toilet seems convenient, it’s going to end up costing you time and money. Just like you would toss baby wipes and diapers in the trash, treat “flushable” wipes the same. Their name may be misleading, but you can save yourself a headache by simply tossing them in a wastebasket instead of contributing to massive clogs that will eventually make themselves known.

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