5 Unique Shower Remodel Ideas You Didn’t Think Of

A shower remodel could change the look of your space and make your life more efficient.

Even if your most brilliant or philosophical thoughts surface while you’re in the shower, your shower itself could be lacking some thought and care.

The place in which you spend a fair amount of time deserves a few upgrades.

Here are 5 unique shower remodel ideas to inspire you and make your morning routine more efficient:

1. Include a niche or two

How many times have you knocked over the shampoo bottle as you attempt to maneuver around the small space that is your shower? It’s small enough as it is, and adding a basket or holder for your things can take over valuable space. Add a few niches instead. These small, cubby-like openings feel as if their part of your shower and not a desperate attempt to add more space for yet another bottle you probably don’t need.

2. Double up on shower rods

It’s time to stop finding makeshift places to hang your towel. If you’re short on space for a towel hanging rod, or that hook on your door has had enough, a dual shower curtain rod is the perfect solution. The inside bar is for your curtain, while the outside rod serves as a place to hang towels. If your bathroom is suffering from lack of design or a theme, search for some unique or colored towels to easily add a little flair to your space as they hang on your shower rod.

3. Add flair with tiles

Maybe you’re not looking for an intricate new design for your shower, but including a few tiles could add some class and refine your bathroom’s style. There are a variety of simple, DIY methods to add a unique twist to the inside of your shower. You don’t need a ton of tile, but a row on the top or bottom can make all the difference.

4. Invest in a great shower head

If you’re going to make a small investment in your shower remodel, don’t skimp on the shower head. This is perhaps the most important element and one you’ll enjoy the most. Whether you’re looking for a modest upgrade or you want to turn your shower into a rainforest, the options are plentiful. You deserve to splurge.

5. Install a water softener

The after-effects of your shower shouldn’t leave you avoiding one altogether. If you’re suffering from dry skin, or you notice your frizzy hair is suddenly taking a turn for the worst, maybe installing a water softener is the answer. Hard water had significant effects on your body, and a water softener can lessen or eliminate those effects. With a water softener, the benefits are worth it. You’ll find that soap lathers better, too.

As you embark on a weekend shower remodel project, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is here to help. Whether you’re in need of emergency plumbing services, water softener installation, or drain cleaning, we’ll on call 24/7. Contact us today and punctual plumbers will take care of your plumbing needs.

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