5 Ways Hard Water is Affecting Your Lifestyle

Hard water can significantly impact your lifestyle. Here's how:

Something isn’t right.

Your hair and skin are as dry as a desert, there’s residue building up on your plumbing fixtures, and the dishes always seem to need another run through the dishwasher.

It’s time to stop living with uncomfortable conditions and frequent trips to the store to buy more soap. It’s time to invest in a water softener.

Hard water is affecting your lifestyle more than it should — sometimes, in areas you never expected. Here’s how it’s making your life less efficient and costing you more than need to spend:

1. It’s affecting your hair

You see others running their fingers through their hair and wonder if yours will ever be as voluminous or healthy. Hard water often leaves residue on your hair and makes it look dull. But installing a water softener could eliminate that straw-like substance growing out of your head.

2. Your skin becomes dry

During the winter, your skin is dry enough as it is. Adding hard water to the mix will leave your skin dry and lacking in moisture. While it’s tempting to avoid the water altogether in order to escape the effects of hard water, installing a water softener is a much cleaner option.

3. It’s making your soap less effective

The minerals in hard water make it harder for soap to lather. The difference can be felt when you’re washing your dishes and taking showers. As much soap as you buy, it’s simply not going to lather as well as it does with soft water. The costs will accumulate as you continue buying soap to compensate.

4. Your clothes and dishes aren’t as clean

The difficulty in producing suds affects the cleanliness of your clothes and dishes. It’s also common to see a filmy build-up or scale on dishes, plus white spots you can’t seem to get rid of. Your dishes shouldn’t come out of the dishwasher looking a different kind of dirty.

5. It’s building up on your plumbing fixtures

Minerals are a good thing, right? When it comes to the life of your plumbing fixtures, the answer is clear. Hard water causes build-up on your plumbing fixtures and can reduce water flow and even clog pipes.

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