6 Places You’re Forgetting to Clean Inside Your Home

As you clean your home, you're probably missing a few places.

The house is spotless. Or, so you think.

In the midst of taking out the overflowing trash, washing the white kitchen floors and dusting those tall shelves, you probably missed some key areas and items in your home that deserve some attention.

Those places are subtly collecting dust and bacteria and affecting your health. It’s up to you to recognize what’s demanding some extra care around your home, but check out 6 places you’re probably forgetting to clean:

Behind the ToiletHomeowners often forget to clean behind the toilet.

Behind the toilet is perhaps one of the dirtiest spots in your home. It’s a prime hiding place for germs and grime that you might not see every day. Washing the sink is one thing, but who wants to reach behind the toilet? If you keep putting it off, it’s going to be much worse to clean than if you did it on a regular basis.


If you have a boiler in your home, the radiators that distribute heat can become filthy. Instead of just distributing heat, your radiator can distribute the dust resting on top of the unit. You’ll be happier with a cleaner unit, and you’ll be getting yourself ready for the upcoming winter.

Behind the FridgeHomeowners may forget to clean behind the fridge.

Even if you just occasionally push those few extra crumbs under the refrigerator instead of dragging out the broom and dustpan, you’ll be in for a nasty surprise if you decide to do a thorough cleaning of your kitchen. Crumbs tend to make their way under your fridge without your help, and contributing to the collection won’t be fun to deal with when it comes time for cleaning. Be sure to clean behind your fridge every so often to avoid collecting a pile of last month’s (or last year’s!) refuse.

Garbage Disposal

Think of all the unwanted food and leftovers making their way through your garbage disposal. Out of sight, out of mind — right? Your garbage disposal is capable of breaking down a lot of foods, but it’s important to regularly clean and maintain your garbage disposal to prevent clogs and build-up. There are a variety of tactics, and it starts with knowing what can and can’t be put through the garbage disposal.

Small ElectronicsIndividuals should remember to clean their remote controls.

Have you ever disinfected your remote control or cell phone? Though small electronics aren’t typically on your list of items to clean, they can be some of the filthiest items you’re around every day. Take a few minutes every few weeks to clean your small electronics. Even if they don’t look dirty, they’re excellent transmitters of disease and bacteria.

Door and Drawer Handles

Especially in the kitchen, door and drawer handles can become especially dirty and full of germs. When you’re cooking the meat, chopping the vegetables and searching through your cupboards for the perfect-size mixing bowl, it’s easy to spread bacteria. Frequently disinfect and clean the handles and drawers in your kitchen — and other areas of your home — to ensure you’re not contaminating surfaces you frequently touch.

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