8 Strange Things Found in the Sewer

These 8 strange things found in the sewer will leave you wondering how they got there.

Some things flow down the toilet never to be seen again.

Other items make their way into the sewer system and are recovered some time later, prompting a question or two.

While it’s a mystery how some objects make their way into the sewer, these items that were discovered around the world might shock you. Here are some of the strangest things found in the sewer:

  1. Fatberg in London

In 2013, London residents were responsible for creating a 15-ton “fatberg” in the city’s sewer system. The bus-sized lump of flushable wipes and other waste materials nearly caused a complete clog of the city’s sewer system. Be careful what you flush — you could be adding to a problem you’re not even aware of!

  1. Gold in Japan

Japan struck gold with its sewer system — literally. A sewage treatment facility northwest of Tokyo reported a large amount of gold within its systems. While the country was suffering form a recession during the time it was discovered in 2009, the gold provided a flash of delight in an otherwise unpleasant time.

  1. Cow in China

When China resident Sheng Hsueh realized his cow was missing, the sewer was the last place he intended to look. Nevertheless, the sounds of mooing coming from underground four days later prompted locals to take action. They discovered the cow had made its way into the village sewer system, and they used a crane to help the cow make its way back to its natural habitat.

  1. Jaw Bone in Edmonton

It still remains a mystery how exactly this made its way into an Edmonton sewer system. The jawbone structure that was found couldn’t be identified, but it sure startled the people that found it.

  1. Alligator in New York

Don’t be surprised if you see an alligator crawling out of a storm drain in New York City. When a resident witnessed a gator surfacing onto city streets, she was flabbergasted. Officials quickly seized the creature and passed it on to animal control.

  1. Engagement ring in California

Perhaps the most expensive find in a sewer was an engagement ring. The bride-to-be realized she had accidentally flushed the ring as she was cleaning her makeup brushes, and frantically scrambled to find it. Luckily, she had a little help and was reunited with the ring.

  1. Hockey sticks and ducklings in Canada

Though hockey sticks aren’t typically found in the sewer, it’s no surprise that Canada would be one exception to the rule. That’s right, some hockey sticks somehow made their way into a Calgary sewer drain. Later, hockey sticks were used to save some ducklings who were trapped in a sewer system. A family of ducklings was rescued by a family of quick-thinking heroes that witnessed the animals fall through a drain and be found in the sewer.

  1. Expensive watch in England

When a street cleaner discovered a watch while cleaning a sewer drain in Essex, he was in awe. The 18-carat gold watch was a Rolex worth 21,000 euros!

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