Bathroom Remodels Gone Right: 5 More Remodel Tips

A bathroom remodel involves various steps.

A bathroom remodel can be an extravagant facelift or a series of subtle adjustments. With the sheer number of options to consider, from showers to floors, here are 5 bathroom remodel tips that can make all the difference. You might even see some return on investment in your future.

1. Find your niche

Niches provide extra storage in bathrooms.There are few things worse than realizing there won’t be enough space for those extra shampoo bottles you’d like to keep in your shower, or sacrificing a near-perfect, clean design for a bulky shower caddy. Bathroom space is precious, and utilizing every inch will keep your remodel fresh.

Adding niches in your bathroom can transform your organization, but don’t limit them to the inside of a shower. Your bathroom is likely the first place you’ll spend time in every morning, so it sets the tone for day — get creative! The recessed areas carved into your bathroom remodel will give you much-needed space.

2. Walk on warmth

Tile is placed on a floor.

Your bed is warm, the carpet is warm, but your bathroom floor might as well be an ice rink. Tip-toeing from rug to rug when you jump out of the shower – especially when temperatures drop – can be a daunting task! If you deal with this often, a heated bathroom floor is worth installing in your remodel. There are certain variables to consider, such as flooring and the type of system to install, but it’s a small price to pay in your bathroom remodel for comfort in your home.

3. Flush away doubts

A toilet is an essential part of any bathroom.It’s not just a toilet. Choosing the best model or style for your throne can make all the difference in your bathroom remodel. Before purchasing a toilet, it’s important to consider factors such as water usage and efficiency that could help you conserve water and save money in the long run. These savings could even offset the cost of installing a new toilet! And don’t worry about toilet installation services and repair; the experts of Ben Franklin Plumbing will take care of you throughout the remodel process with any plumbing service.

4. Light the way

Lights can light up a bathroom space.Getting ready in a well-lit space is always a treat. If your bathroom lacks natural light streaming in from a window, it can be tricky to find the right lighting for your space – and when you see your reflection in a different mirror during the day, you might be surprised at how the increased light changes your image! Eliminate shadows with proper lighting placement, or add lights under the cabinets to spare you from a stubbed toe during middle-of-the-night bathroom trips.

5. Don’t forget style

A bathroom mirror can be decorative.With the small amount of space in your bathroom, there’s rarely much room to hang the extras that define your style. Choosing a mirror with a decorative or defined border is an easy way to add character to your home during your bathroom remodel without cluttering your wall space. It could be a handcrafted, intricate border, or a simple frame in that color you want to pop. Let your creativity flow into the essentials, which can easily become decorations.

A bathroom remodel can revitalize your home and transform your space into a sanctuary. When it comes to your plumbing, a necessary consideration in any bathroom remodel, the experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will make the process simple. Our punctual professionals will answer questions about your bathroom remodel and even help with the installation process. Contact us day or night.


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