Bathroom Remodels Gone Right

bathroom remodel

Extravagant bathrooms are fun to marvel at but not very practical for most of us. That doesn’t mean your bathroom has to be boring. Here are some tips for remodeling your bathroom that won’t require a king’s ransom.


Try dark colors in small bathrooms.

Have a small powder room? Small bathrooms are a great place to try out a daring, dark color. If the room gets natural light, the darker hue won’t appear dreary. A dark wall color can add depth and interest to an otherwise utilitarian washroom.

dark colors in small bathrooms

Get creative with tile

Replace outdated flooring with porcelain tile. A variety of shapes and colors give you room to be creative with patterns. It’s a great way to personalize your bathroom.


Create an optical illusion

If you have a stand-alone shower, consider a glass enclosure. It creates the illusion of more space because you can see from one end of the room to the other.

bathroom with see through shower

Sink or vanity?

A pedestal or wall-mounted sink can create the illusion of extra space. However, these sinks cut down on storage, so you may consider adding a vanity with storage space if you’re in short supply. Either way, a new sink or vanity can freshen up a room and provide extra functionality you need. Consider how much space you have and what’s more important, having more open space or more storage and counter space.

minneapolis faucet sink repair

Small details make a difference

There are many things you can do to refresh your bathroom without doing a full remodel. Here are some ideas:

  • Change your faucet. From modern to traditional, the options are virtually endless. This minor change can instantly add a new point of interest to any bathroom.
  • Add a pop of color with new decorative towels.
  • Add glass mosaic tiles to mimic movement and draw the eye up.
  • De-clutter countertops. Keeping your counters free of clutter makes the space look clean and spacious.
  • Replace your shower accessories. An oversized showerhead is easy to install and can upgrade your space in a matter of minutes.
  • Consider putting in new tile in a standard tub. Large travertine tiles can create the feeling of a spa right at home.

Change your layout

Maybe the bathroom’s original designer didn’t think through the layout very well. Moving the toilet to the opposite side of the room or moving the bathtub can make better use of the space you have. Just make sure you hire an experienced plumber and contractor for the job.

Choose the right contractor

Many horror stories of bathroom remodels gone wrong start with contractors who don’t know what they’re doing. Make sure your contractor is licensed and get references before the work begins. Give us a call at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We’d be happy to go over your remodeling plans and our related plumbing service options such as toilet and faucet repair. We also work with trusted local contractors and would be happy to offer referrals for the aesthetic work you need done.

Get inspired

Need design ideas? Sites like, Pinterest, and offer lots of photos and tips for bathroom remodels.

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  1. Drew

    Great advice about small details. The small stuff can sometimes feel like the biggest change because of how much it can change the look of a room. A new faucet can make an entire sink look brand new. Thanks for posting.


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