Rich Towner standing in front of truck

Meet Rich: Ben Franklin Technician Shares Plumbing Stories

There are few things that surprise Rich. The Ben Franklin Plumbing master has worked in a few different industries throughout his life, but his job as a plumber stands tall as the most diverse. He enjoys the long talks with customers as he’s fixing their clogged drains or leaky pipes, as well as the unique … Continued

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Truck

My Plumbing Ride Along

By guest Kevin G.  As an advertising expert by day, I don’t consider myself a knowledgeable plumber. I’m more of a DIY weekend warrior. I know my way around a crescent wrench and a compression fitting, and I’m proud of the limited success I’ve had with minor projects and remodels. I know there’s more to … Continued

Master Plumber Mike Oen

Plumbing Stories: Benjamin Franklin Technician Shares the Funny, Gross, and Just Plain Weird

As some of the most experienced plumbers in the business, it’s no wonder that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing technicians have accrued some truly interesting stories over the years. From gross plumbing stories that could turn away the weak-stomached to rewarding stories that showcase the incredible satisfaction the profession can give, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has seen it all. … Continued

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Plumbing Insights: A Day In The Life

Considering becoming a plumber? Or just curious about what a plumber’s job entails? We caught up with Joe, a Benjamin Franklin Plumber master plumber, to get a sneak peak in to a day in the life of a plumbing professional. With 15 years of experience, Joe has a lot of stories to tell—from strange things people … Continued


Stories from the Field: Plumber vs Yorkie

  We have many stories here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing where our plumbers have gone above and beyond to make our customers happy! Recently, Jamey Schmidt arrived at a home where a tiny black and brown Yorkie puppy repeatedly yipped and nipped at him.  It amplifies the humorous situation when you consider that Jamey is … Continued