Mittens sit on a boiler to warm up.

4 Reasons to Prepare Your Boiler For Winter

  As brisk weather approaches, plummeting temperatures can mean soaring heating costs. Whether you’re anxiously anticipating — or completely dreading — the inevitable winter months, staying prepared can ease the tension as you glance over your bill. By using a properly functioning boiler to heat your home instead of a furnace, your home will be heated … Continued

Boiler Repair - Leaky Boiler

Boiler Repair Part 2: What’s Causing Your Leaking Boiler

If you’re boiler is leaking, it indicates a serious problem that could cause significant damage to your boiler and potentially your home. As soon as you notice a leak, don’t wait to take action. Most leaks can be traced to one of the following problems: Broken seal Corrosion Damaged valves or pump Faulty water pipe connection … Continued

Boiler Repair - Leaky Boiler

Boiler Repair Pt. 1: Common Boiler Problems

When it comes to heating it’s all about comfort, reliability and efficiency. For these reasons, boilers remain a popular choice for providing homes with warmth during the cold Minnesota winter months. Although boilers can have many benefits including even heat distribution, limited dust residue, minimal maintenance and long lifespans they still face problems from time … Continued


Water Heater Repair – What’s that Popping Sound?

Popping noises that occur inside water heaters is not an uncommon occurrence. As water heats up inside the tank, air bubbles are formed and drift upward. Mineral deposits located inside the tank get bumped around by the rising bubbles and cause a “popping” sound as they knock against the side of the tank. Over time, … Continued


What is the Difference Between a Furnace and a Boiler?

Furnace vs. Boiler The most important thing to know about boilers is that they are just a type of furnace. Rather than forced air, however, boilers utilize water to heat your home. The main difference between a furnace and a boiler is a simple one—a furnace heats air to warm your home; a boiler heats … Continued


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Don’t Be a Victim

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, tasteless and odorless gas. It is a natural byproduct formed when (among other things) natural gas is not fully burned up while being combusted. Excess inhalation of this gas can lead to some serious side effects, up to and including death. Fear-mongering aside, there are some important things to know … Continued