These 8 strange things found in the sewer will leave you wondering how they got there.

8 Strange Things Found in the Sewer

Some things flow down the toilet never to be seen again. Other items make their way into the sewer system and are recovered some time later, prompting a question or two. While it’s a mystery how some objects make their way into the sewer, these items that were discovered around the world might shock you. … Continued

These dishwasher uses could surprise you and make your life easier.

4 Dishwasher Uses to Make Your Life Easier

The word “dishwasher” can be misleading. Using the machine to wash your dishes is fitting, but the pride and joy of your kitchen is capable of a lot more. When there are countless items in your to-do list, why not incorporate them into your regular routine? Check out these 4 dishwasher uses to make your … Continued

Read this tips to prevent frozen pipes this winter.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter

That bulging pipe in your basement is about to become an indoor sprinkler system. If frozen pipes become a reality and burst inside your home, you could be filing a homeowners insurance claim upwards of $5,000 for the water damage on your floors and walls — not to mention the boxes of important keepsakes and decorations … Continued

As you clean your home, you're probably missing a few places.

6 Places You’re Forgetting to Clean Inside Your Home

The house is spotless. Or, so you think. In the midst of taking out the overflowing trash, washing the white kitchen floors and dusting those tall shelves, you probably missed some key areas and items in your home that deserve some attention. Those places are subtly collecting dust and bacteria and affecting your health. It’s … Continued

Flushable wipes have been known to cause clogged toilets.

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Flushable Wipes

Soft, strong and durable. What toilet paper companies are striving for their product to be has become the root of the problem for flushable wipes. Often preferred to toilet paper, the wipes are found in many homes and are marketed as “flushable.” But are they? In recent years, the wipes have led to lawsuits, increased … Continued

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing named ethics award finalist

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Dallas Named Ethics Award Finalist

We are so excited to share this news! Benjamin Franklin Plumbing prides itself on professionalism and punctuality, but we’re humbled to announce that the Dallas branch was named a finalist for the 2015 Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award. And they’re in good company! “Six Dallas-based companies will be honored by the North Texas business community at … Continued