DIY Plumbing: Top 7 Myths


There are a number of false DIY plumbing tips and tricks that have been  passed down from generation to generation. Some of these “tips and tricks” are actually myths, and can end up costing homeowners time and money in the long run. So before you listen to your grandmother’s conventional words of wisdom, check out our top 7 do it yourself plumbing myths.

Myth #1: It’s a Good Idea to Put Lemons in Your Disposal to Make It Smell Fresh
Although you might get a brief freshness, the citric acid from the lemons will actually corrode the metal inside your disposal and you may find yourself calling a plumbing repair service down the road. Instead, to freshen things up, use ice to police your disposal. It actually works as a rock tumbler polishing rocks. Yes, it is noisy, but it works very well. This fresh alternative will cause the scum causing the odor will disappear.

Myth #2: Tank Cleaners Will Keep Your Toilet Sparkling Clean and Smelling Fresh
These tank cleaners are marketed to make you believe your chores will be easier because you’ll spend less time scrubbing the toilet, however, it will cost you. These products have bleach in them which can build up over time. The build-up will eventually ruin your toilet and cause you to call a plumbing repair service. It is better to regularly clean your toilet and do away with using these products. For a fraction of the cost, you can also try using vinegar in the overflow tube. Vinegar can remove the smelly build-up that damages the flow of your toilet.

Myth #3: Lifetime Warranties on Inexpensive Products Will Save You MoneyIf you purchase something cheap and it breaks, don’t believe that by having a lifetime warranty it will be replaced with the newest product on the market. Chances are you buying a cheap plumbing product means you’ll be stuck with it. Instead, make the investment and purchase quality products the first time around. You’ll save money in the long run by not needing plumbing repair service.

Myth #4: Running Water While Using the Garbage Disposal is a Good Ideal and Helps Break Up the Waste
This mistake is something almost everyone commits. The truth is, following waste with water doesn’t help at all. Instead, fill the sink basin with a 4:1 ratio of water to waste. This way, the waste will separate and flow smoothly down the drain.

Myth #5: If Things Are Going Down the Drain, The Plumbing is Working Correctly
Out of sight, out of mind does not always apply. Foods such as pasta and rice can puff up and stay in the pipes causing clogs which block the passage for waste to smoothly pass through the pipes. Without enough water to rinse the waste down, it will build up in the pipes and make drainage difficult. You will eventually need to call a plumbing repair service. But you can prevent blockage and clogging problems by using sinks, toilets and showers as they should be used. Fill sink basins with water before draining, and use a hair screen in the drain of the shower to reduce hairballs.

Myth #6: Water Pressure Regulators Are Always Dependable
Typically, water pressure regulators will give you necessary information about water pressure, but it’s a good idea to avoid placing all of your trust in the readings they provide. The money saving alternative is to check your water pressure yourself. By checking your water pressure regularly you can avoid spending a lot of money on a plumbing repair service. High water pressure is a major source of floods, leaks and even minor toilet issues.

Myth #7: Plumbing Fixtures Are Low Maintenance
You should not ignore plumbing fixtures because you think they do not need to be fixed. Lack of use allows a p-trap to evaporate, and for dangerous sewer gas to smell up the house. And, if your electric water heater sits unused for a fairly long period of time, it can create highly explosive hydrogen gas. Of course you would need to call a plumbing repair service immediately. The better alternative is to be sure to use your plumbing fixtures regularly to ensure health risks are not created. The time it takes you to turn them on every once in a while would save you money in plumbing repair service as well as prevent an explosion in your home.

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  1. Drew

    Great myths to debunk. Especially number 5. Drains can be deceiving when you see water going down but something could easily be causing issues below the surface. Thanks for posting.


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