Easy Ways to Update a Dated Bathroom

New Faucet and Paint

We all spend more of our lives than we’d like to admit in the bathroom. Whether we’re showering, putting on makeup, shaving, watching Benjamin Franklin Plumbing unclog our tub drain, or, well, doing anything else that needs a little bit of privacy, we’re in there a lot. This means that looking at the same old bathroom day after day after day can get a little bit old. You may not have the money to pull off full bathroom remodel, but there are certainly some things you can do to spruce up a dated bathroom.

1. A New Faucet

Get a new look fast (and inexpensively) by switching out the faucet. Have fun shopping for one that looks cool and new. Once you’ve chosen your favorite, you can either install it yourself, or, if you’re not comfortable with faucet installation, call in a professional to help.

2. A Fresh Coat of Paint

This is the cheapest way to completely transform an entire room. Most bathrooms are small, so you won’t be spending much money on paint.

If you do have a larger bathroom, turn it into a chance to express your family’s personality. Take a mostly empty wall and give each family member a section of space to express themselves creatively. They can write words, draw pictures, do handprints – whatever they want. You’ll create memories you can remember fondly years from now.

3. New Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are inexpensive, and swapping them out every so often can be a great way to bring a whole new look to the room. Experiment with different patterns, colors, and styles. Let others in your family choose some they love too.

Any time you’re bored with your bathroom look, this is the easiest way to switch things up and feel like you’re in a whole new room!

Start Remodeling Today

Give one or all of these bathroom projects a shot. Before you know it, your bathroom will look like a whole new room!

Next time you give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Minneapolis a call to fix something in your bathroom, you’ll be proud to show off your new and improved look. We might even be able to offer you some suggestions for next time. For more information contact us today!

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