Feeling Static? A Water Softener Could Remove Static Cling From Your Life

Static cling can affect many aspects of your life. And a plumbing change may be the answer.

There it is again.

Everything you touch sends an extra jolt into your body, and your clingy outfits are distracting when you’re out and about.

The chapped lips, cars that won’t start and other joys of winter accompany the static cling that controls your life.

You don’t have to live with hair sticking straight in the air. A simple plumbing change could be the answer.

Eliminate hard water

Dry skin and hair are especially prone to static cling when they come in contact with certain materials, such as synthetic fabrics like polyester. But that doesn’t mean you need to avoid wearing your favorite piece of clothing. The answer could be as simple as installing a water softener.

Hard water is capable of causing clogged pipes and even makes it tougher to get clothes and dishes clean. But hard water also negatively affects your skin and hair. Hard water is mineral-rich, and with soft water, your skin and hair tend to be softer and smoother. The benefits of installing a water softener mean you’ll spend less money on soaps and detergents, but also less time looking in the mirror to make sure your hair and clothes aren’t full of static.

Check up on your clothes dryer

Static cling is the result of two items with opposite charges attracting to each other. This imbalance of electric charges often occurs while your clean clothes are tumbling in the dryer. Some fabrics get positively charged, others get negatively charged, and then they attract to your skin and send jolts all around.

Don’t settle for clingy clothes; there are a number of solutions that can set you free from static cling. Try tossing a dryer sheet or dryer ball in the load. If that doesn’t help, you may be drying your clothes for too long at a temperature higher than what’s needed. If your dryer uses a natural gas supply, be conscious of lint buildup and contact a professional if you suspect a leak that causes unusual drying times. Avoiding the dryer altogether and hanging your clothes to dry is another solution for opting out of static cling.

If you’re looking to lessen the amount of static cling in your life through new plumbing fixtures, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Our professionals are experts in gas leak repair, drain cleaning and water softener installation. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with your plumbing needs. Contact us today and our punctual plumbers will provide you the service you’re looking for.

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