Home Remodeling – Kitchen vs. Bathroom: Where to Invest?

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The motivation behind home remodeling is not only to personalize it to our tastes, but also to improve its value for future resale. We want to believe that every upgrade and remodeling project will be money well spent and financially beneficial in the long run. However, this is not always the case.

Kitchens and bathrooms are popular rooms to remodel since they are used frequently and can become quickly outdated. But which remodels are worth the investment? It depends on a variety of factors such as the area in which you live, and the remodeling projects you are considering. Basic home maintenance, such as new siding, replacing the roof, or replacing the windows, can have bigger returns than major bathroom and kitchen remodels. That being said, if a bathroom or kitchen remodel is next on your DIY to-do list be sure to take the following into consideration.



Factors Impacting Your Return on Investment

  • Value of your house
  • Value of houses in your immediate neighborhood
  • Housing market where you live
  • How soon you sell after making improvements
  • Quality of the project


Factors to Consider

  • If your house is the only home in the neighborhood without a feature, consider adding it to increase your home’s value. For example, it does not make sense to update your kitchen when your house is the only one with a single bathroom.


Bathroom Remodel Tips

  • Walk-in showers have become more desirable than bathtubs. As a result, a floor-to-ceiling steam shower has become a better use of space if you do not have the room for both a shower and bathtub.
  • Typically, it is not worthwhile to remodel your bathroom if you only have one, especially if you are the only home in the neighborhood without a second bathroom. Instead of remodeling your single bathroom, consider adding a second bathroom for a better return down the road.


Kitchen Remodel Tips

  • Traditional features are typically well received by potential buyers. Consider all-wood cabinets, commercial-look appliances, natural wood or stone floors, and stone countertops.
  • Updates should make sense when considering the value of the house. For example, you would not install a $10,000 stove in a $200,000 home. Choose updates that you will enjoy, but also those that will make sense in the home.


Bottom Line

Maintenance should be a priority to keep your family safe in the home. It is also important to spend your money wisely. You will also want to attract future buyers, but it may not be a concern for you at this point. If you do not plan to move soon, spend your remodeling budget in a way that will benefit you the most during your time in the home. You and your family are the ones living in the home, so it is important that you are comfortable and happy.


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