Meet Rich: Ben Franklin Technician Shares Plumbing Stories

Rich Towner standing in front of truck

There are few things that surprise Rich.

The Ben Franklin Plumbing master has worked in a few different industries throughout his life, but his job as a plumber stands tall as the most diverse.

He enjoys the long talks with customers as he’s fixing their clogged drains or leaky pipes, as well as the unique stories he drives home with each day. We sat down with Rich to get some insight into what it’s like being a Ben Franklin plumber! (and don’t forget to check out our profile of Mike Oen from earlier this summer!)

Q: What’s the best part about your job as a plumber?

A: I like being mechanically inclined. I like troubleshooting and figuring out things. There are a bunch of things, but I really enjoy being a problem solver.

Do you have a least favorite part?

Not really. I don’t think I have a least favorite part because I think I’m an optimist. I always think of how I can do things better. I don’t think of the negative part of anything — I always try to be optimistic and make things better than they were and that’s why I like Ben Franklin. I like learning about sales and education and different things all the time.

Do you remember anything about your very first day as a plumber?

I was excited to learn—that’s what I remember. I always had questions and I was always there—I always had a drive to learn. I’m a visual person, so I was always watching and learning things that way.

Ben Franklin plumber Rich Towner working in a customers home

What’s unique about what you do?

You’re constantly doing different things. My mind is always active, so that makes me enjoy it more. You think you can judge someone when you’re talking to them or going to their home, but you have no idea. That’s what I like. It’s never boring and I really like the psychological part because there are so many unique people and I like talking to them.

Are there any crazy or unusual stories that stick out to you?

You kind of become numb. You listen, focus on the problem, fix it and make the connection. You try to make things funny, too, and joke about stuff because you don’t plan on bad things happening, but the people we’re helping remember them. There was one time I pulled a rat out of a drain through a cable and I wanted to throw up. It crawled in the sewer and got stuck in the 2-inch drain. The homeowner was about 85 years old and 5 feet tall and he wasn’t even that surprised. He just said: “I’ll go get a bag for the rat!” So, every once in a while, crazy things happen.

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