My Plumbing Ride Along

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Truck

By guest Kevin G. 

As an advertising expert by day, I don’t consider myself a knowledgeable plumber. I’m more of a DIY weekend warrior. I know my way around a crescent wrench and a compression fitting, and I’m proud of the limited success I’ve had with minor projects and remodels. I know there’s more to learn, but I’ve been around the home plumbing block, so what could a seasoned Journeyman plumber surprise me with?

Turns out, there’s plenty I don’t know, and plenty that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing technician Charlie was glad to show me. Last week, I spent my day home from work shadowing him and riding along for a day’s worth of service calls.

My Plumbing Guide for the Day

My guide for the day was an experienced Journeyman plumber named Charlie. At only 36 years old, he is new to the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing family, but definitely not new to plumbing. His ability to locate and fix problems was evident during each service call, and his commitment to service and customer satisfaction is unmatched. At one point, he even went as far as cleaning a customer’s driveway while we waited for a water heater to arrive. He not only answered the call of duty, he went above and beyond it. The service offered by a plumber is far more than I had expected when we started out that morning. 

Four Elements That Set Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Apart

1.) Customer Service is Key

We started the day by receiving our first service call from dispatch via Charlie’s iPad. On our way to Eagan to repair a leaking bathtub faucet, Charlie was already considering how he would approach the situation so as not to waste the customer’s time. Once we finished our repairs, we attached laminated informational cards to all of the appliances in the maintenance room. This gives the customer a resource with quick instructions on how to deal with a problem while they wait for a plumber to arrive next time. It’s the little details like this that really distinguish quality customer service.

2.) Employee Perspectives Matter

Part of what makes the company Charlie works for so successful is that management takes the time to listen to their employee’s feedback and act on it. Based on this feedback, they are able to purchase the tools technicians need to complete a job more efficiently, offer weekly meetings and training sessions to keep their employees well-trained, and incorporate technology to streamline the entire operation. This translates to a much better customer experience once a plumber arrives on site.

3.) No Pressure Plumbing 

Contrary to the popular belief of plumbers, Charlie and his team won’t pressure you into buying things you don’t need. Charlie evaluates each problem individually and will let you know if something is actually broken. Customers can sleep easy knowing that all work done by Charlie and his team is permitted and follows all local plumbing codes.

4.) Highly Skilled and Well-Educated Plumbers

Like most professions, there are different skill levels. With plumbing this is no different. For example, there are three different levels a plumber can achieve throughout their career: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. Each level requires a different amount of on-the-job training and (potentially) a state exam if you choose to pursue your Journeyman or Master Plumber licenses. The licensing process can take upwards of five years.

These are just some of the things I learned in my day with Journeyman plumber and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing technician Charlie. There were too many plumbing stories to share in one post, so check out Mike’s best, worst, and most rewarding plumbing stories, or an interview with Joe the plumber. If you are looking for plumbing services in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metro areas, feel free to schedule service with Charlie and the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing team.


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