Plumbing Tips to Keep Your Holidays Happy


This holiday season, don’t let problems with your pipes turn you into a Grinch. While the day after Thanksgiving is typically one of the busiest in the plumbing profession, many people cook much more than usual and have guests all the way to Christmas – and even beyond. Unfortunately, this means plenty of opportunities for something to go wrong. The professionals with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Minneapolis want to make sure you stay happy during the most wonderful time of the year, so here are some plumbing tips that will help ensure your pipes continue to work as they should.

Kitchen Plumbing Tips

  • Try to use your garbage can as much as possible, even if it means you have to empty it much more than normal. If you overtax your garbage disposal both the appliance and your drains can easily become clogged or damaged.
  • Because cooking oil can solidify and clog your drain line, don’t ever pour it down your sink or into your disposal. Put it in a jar or a similar container and throw it away safely.
  • Before you use your disposal, run some water down your sink for a few seconds first, then do so again afterward to help flush the line.
  • Call a professional to check your plumbing lines to make sure they are in good shape. By doing so, you can have minor issues addressed before they become major problems at just the wrong time.

Bathroom Plumbing Tips

  • If you are planning to have people stay at your home for extended periods of time during the holidays, give your bathroom plumbing a break. Wait 10 minutes between showers and think about having a tankless water heater installed. This will not only provide you with an endless stream of hot water, it will also help you save money in the long run.
  • Make sure small children are supervised so they don’t flush something down the toilet that will damage your pipes.
  • Clean out the shower drains regularly to prevent clogs.

If you should have an emergency even though you follow these plumbing tips, don’t hesitate to call a Minneapolis professional with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing as soon as possible. We will send an expert to your home and get your issue addressed quickly and efficiently. Contact us online or give us a call at (952) 933-8888. Do you have any plumbing tips that aren’t covered here? Share them with us by clicking one of the social media icons below.

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