Protecting Your Family Against Gas Leaks

carbon monoxideA catastrophic explosion is the greatest danger presented by a natural gas leak in your St. Paul-Minneapolis home. Low-level natural gas leaks expose people to substances such as methane, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide as well. At low concentrations, substances like nitrogen oxide can irritate the respiratory system. At high concentrations, exposure can result in asphyxiation, comas, and even death.

When not properly maintained, residential gas-burning HVAC systems and appliances can emit dangerous carbon monoxide as well. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Minneapolis, our gas leak detection and repair services to help keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Protecting the Health & Safety of Your Family

While the gas company maintains gas lines leading to a home’s gas meter, the homeowner is responsible for all gas lines and pipes leading into their home. Although a rotten egg odor is added to natural gas to help alert people to its presence, leaks that occur in gas lines outside the home often go undetected. Additionally, because the sense of smell in older people is often impaired, seniors are particularly at risk to exposure within the home as well.

Leak detection also helps protect your family from dangerous carbon monoxide leaks that can occur when household gas equipment isn’t properly vented or maintained. A colorless, odorless, and tasteless substance, carbon monoxide can cause unconsciousness before family members are even aware of its presence.

Effective Leak Detection Technologies

The experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing employ state-of-the-art technologies to detect gas leaks in home interiors and exteriors, including infrared point sensors and imaging detectors that can detect and identify the imaging signature of targeted gases even at extremely low levels. Our gas leak detection equipment allows our St. Paul plumber to find and resolve leaks with minimal disruption to your property and to your busy lifestyle.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of St. Paul-Minneapolis, we know that nothing is more important than the well-being of you and your family. Our leak detection services offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family is safe from the dangerous exposure to gas. To schedule leak detection services, call us today at 952-933-8888.

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