Sewer Repair: How Plants Can Affect Your Plumbing

Tree in Sewer LineEvery homeowner wants to have curb appeal, but when your curb appeal affects the function of your home, you’ll need to decide if you are willing to pay for possible sewer repair. Landscaping is a great way to make a home more inviting and appealing, but all too often homeowners plant trees and shrubs that eventually lead to a plumbing disaster.

The expert technicians at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Minneapolis know firsthand how plants can affect your plumbing. Read on and learn from the mistakes of others before you plant that beautiful tree or meet with that talented landscaper.

Think Again Before You Plant That Tree

Mother Nature is beautiful, but sometimes Mother Nature and plumbing systems do not go together. Several different types of trees have insidious root systems or long roots that extend all throughout your property underground. Just because you cannot see these roots does not mean that they will not become a problem.

If you have ever seen the makings of a residential plumbing system, you know that underground pipes run all around your home, transporting waste water into the sewage system. A single tree root breaking into a pipe can lead to a system backup, or even worse, a broken pipe. As the gigantic tree continues to grow, roots will become an even greater problem.

Unfortunately, even trees planted on the outskirts of your property can penetrate the route that your plumbing pipes take. As soon as a pipe is broken, it can lead to leaks under the slab and even flooding. Even worse, leaks are generally not covered by home insurance policies. This means that you will be responsible to pay the full amount for broken pipe repair.

Be Aware of What Plants You Choose

You do not have to have a desolate yard free of any type of greenery to save your plumbing system. The key to landscaping your yard is choosing plants with shorter roots. You should avoid trees with insidious roots from which other trees grow, like the Aspen tree.

By identifying which trees pose the biggest problem to plumbing systems in Minneapolis, you can avoid a potential disaster and the need for expensive sewer repair.

Get Advice Before You Plant

Tree roots can clog your sewer lines and your pipes, causing unpleasant odors. If you currently have a tree with rogue roots, call a Minneapolis plumber today to discuss your options. Plumbers with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Minneapolis are familiar with all of the issues that plants can cause concerning plumbing. Call 952-933-8888 and consult with the experts to inspect and assess the scope of the problem.

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