The Truth About Your St. Paul, MN Water Quality

Filtered WaterMany St. Paul residents incorrectly assume that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitors the area’s water supply to ensure the water that you and your family drink is safe. Although the EPA does set standards for water quality, the agency holds individual utilities responsible for providing their customers with water quality reports. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of St. Paul-Minneapolis is pleased to share information from the latest annual report with our customers.

St. Paul, MN Water Quality

Although no contaminants were detected at levels that would violate the EPA’s drinking water standards in the most recent water quality testing report, it’s important to note that not every contaminant is monitored in every test.

Contaminants that were detected include:

  • Haloacetic Acids (HHAs). Many of the nation’s water systems contain total organic carbon, a naturally occurring substance. The disinfectants commonly used to purify water can react to this organic matter by producing by-products such as HHAs that have been associated with negative health outcomes. Water filtration systems have been shown to be effective at decreasing HHA levels.
  • Trihalomethanes (THMs). Considered carcinogenic substances, THMs are used as refrigerants and solvents. THMs are also identified as water disinfection by-products.
  • Lead. Lead typically enters the water supply from corroding lead pipes, solder, and brass fixtures from older St. Paul homes and business. Homes built in the region before 1926 and shortly after World War II were often constructed with these products. Adverse health consequences to lead exposure include learning disabilities, kidney problems, and high blood pressure.
  • Copper. Like lead, copper usually enters the water system from corroding plumbing pipes and fixtures. Negative health effects range from gastrointestinal ailments to kidney or liver damage.

Water Filtration Solutions

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers an array of products and services that can improve the content, smell, and taste of your family’s household water. As your local St. Paul plumber, we know the types of water filtration solutions that best address poor water quality, from whole-house systems to point-of-use systems that install under a sink.

To learn more about water filtration solutions that will make your water safer and taste better, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of St. Paul-Minneapolis today at 952-933-8888.

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