Why You Should Have a Sump Pump

Warm weather, wet yard

The melting season is upon us! Breaking the seemingly unending sub-zero stretch, Minnesota is finally amidst a great thaw. However, as all lifelong Minnesotans know, with warm temps comes water—and lots of it. As certain parts of the state prepare for flood evacuation, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing wants to help you keep your home (especially your basement) dry. Step one: Get a sump pump.

What is a sump pump? A sump pump is a device that collects all of the excess water that surrounds your house and pumps it away from your home. These pumps solve all kinds of issues and manage large volumes of water, prevent odor caused by stagnant water, and eliminate basement flooding. You just need to make sure yours is working properly!

How does a sump pump work? The pump device sits in a pit, typically accessible via manhole cover. Once the water in this pit gets to a certain threshold (designated upon installation), it springs into action and begins pumping the water out of the hole and away from the home through a discharge pipe. This discharge pipe leads out of the sump pump pit and into the sewage system.

What happens when my sump pump is broken? Especially at a time like now, when melting snow is causing water to flow steadily all over the place, sump pumps are particularly susceptible to getting clogged, overworked, or past capacity. Avoid potential flooding in your home by getting your sump pump evaluated before it gives out on you.

If you have questions about your sump pump, how they work, or how to get yours evaluated, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Twin Cities today!

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