Help! My Floor Drain Backed Up

backed-up-floor-drainFloor drain backed up? Now what? It must be the main line that goes all the way to the city sewer under the street…right? Not necessarily! While that MIGHT be the case, it is by no means a certainty.

An important thing to remember is that all of the water that goes down any drain in your home will eventually end up in the main sewer line that runs to the street. However, your main line does not start at the floor drain. It starts directly beneath the lowest toilet in your home. If you have two toilets on the bottom floor, the main line starts under the toilet farthest from the street. Luckily, there is one simple question you can answer to determine where that irritating clog is located. Once we track it down, we can figure out the best way to get thing out of there!

How to Determine the Cause of a Clog

Does your floor drain back up when you flush any toilet? Please, do NOT go test it! But, if you already know the floor drain backs up when you flush a toilet, then you know the clog is located somewhere in your main line out to the street. This is true because all toilets (except in a few rare circumstances) are connected directly to the main line. The pipe for your floor drain also eventually connects to the main line. If the floor drain backs up because of a toilet flush, you know the clog is beyond the point where the floor drain and main line connect. Any other water source in your home can make your floor drain back up, but it is difficult to determine the location of that clog from anything other than a toilet.

Whether the clog is located in your floor drain line or main line, we can help! As long as your drain pipe is in good condition, we can use two different methods to clean it out and get the water flowing again.

Snaking Your Drain

The first and most commonly used method is called “cabling” or “snaking” the line. With this method, our plumber will attach a metal cable to a machine equipped with a motor. The plumber will then put the cable or “snake” down the drain line and turn on the machine to make the cable oscillate as it goes through your drain pipe. This oscillation causes the head of the cable to scrape the sides of your pipe clean as well as shred any objects that might be stuck in the pipe. Our plumbers are equipped with a unique machine for smaller lines such as kitchen drains and floor drains, as well as a larger, more powerful machine designed to handle the wider piping of a main line.

Jetting Your Drain

While cabling a drain line is often a great solution, it is not always the best way to take care of any buildup or clogs in your pipe. In these situations, we have a powerful new method called “jetting” the line. With this method, our plumbers use a special machine that will shoot water through your pipe with incredible speed and pressure. This high-speed water flow works to push any clog down the pipe and out to the city sewer. This method is also extremely effective at removing any organic buildup that occurs on the inside of your pipes. Over time, this type of buildup can greatly restrict water flow through the pipe and make it easier for any objects to get stuck in the pipe and lead to a complete blockage.

If your floor drain is clogged, we can fix that. If your main line is clogged, we can fix that too! We’ve got drains on our brains and whatever the problem may be, the fully-trained and licensed plumbers at your Twin Cities metro-area Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can get the job done. Give us a call!

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