The Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaners

It’s frustrating when the drains are running slow in your home. You may not want to call a plumber because you don’t have time or you’re worried about the cost, so you reach for a quick-fix found on your grocery store shelves. While these may seem to work, they are actually dangerous for you, your family, and the environment. To help avoid harm, it’s important to know the dangers behind chemical drain cleaners.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Dangerous

Corrosive Materials

An experienced plumber in Minneapolis uses mechanical snakes and plungers to remove clogs. This is because chemical drain cleaners have caustic ingredients that work by eating away the materials stuck in your pipe. In addition to destroying the hair or grease in a drain, however, they can also eat the metal or plastic from your pipes, resulting in costly damages. Over the years, they can actually eat a hole in the pipes and leave you with a very expensive plumbing repair.

Danger for Your Family

Drain cleaning does not have to involve using corrosive chemicals that are potentially dangerous for your family. The same chemicals that will burn through clogs can will also burn through your skin. Additionally, the chemical fumes are dangerous for your eyes and lungs. Causing water in the pipes to boil, they may produce a toxic gas or blow back out of the drain and onto the surrounding area and you, if you’re standing too close.

Impact on the Environment

Your bathroom plumbing goes into the municipal system and through a treatment plant, but the chemicals in drain cleaners still find their way into the earth. They contaminate ground water, poison the fish in waterways, and harm the environment. Green cleaners are a much better option, and mechanical snakes or plungers are the preferred choice when possible.

Dangerous Mistakes

Another problem with drain cleaners is that people don’t always know how to properly use them. The directions say to pour the mixture down the drain, wait a set period of time, and then flush hot water. However, this doesn’t always work.

One common mistake people make is by following up with a plunger. This action puts you at risk for chemicals splashing onto your skin or even into your eyes.

When one chemical drain cleaner fails to work, you may reach for another one. However, mixing them can cause a dangerous reaction that could have the potential for serious injury or even death.

Given how unsafe they are, it is best to just avoid these over-the-counter drain cleaners completely.

Get Expert Help Instead

When you have a clogged drain, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Minneapolis for assistance. Green cleaning methods are much safer, and professional plumbers use mechanical methods like snakes and plungers to fully and safely remove clogs. Call us today at 952-933-8888 for assistance with any clogged drains you have in your home.

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