Vacation Plumbing Tips for Minnesota Homeowners

Metro Plumbing ServicesMost Minnesotans welcome the summer months with enthusiasm and anticipation. It’s only natural for warmer temperatures to spark bouts of wanderlust following a long, hard winter. But summer also means it’s time for families to take vacations to faraway, exciting places.

No one wants to come back from a wonderful vacation to a disaster in their home. Ben Franklin Plumbing of Minneapolis offers the following list of vacation plumbing tips to help secure your home’s plumbing systems while you are away.

Shut Off Water Flow

This is the first and most important task to complete before you depart. By turning off the main shut-off valve to your home’s plumbing system, you ensure that no new water will enter your home and you’ll thereby minimize any leaks (not to mention the fact that you’ll avoid an expensive bill for water you won’t even use).

Drain All Pipes

Open each of your faucets and allow all the water trapped inside to drain out. Making sure that your pipes are completely empty will prevent them from corroding or freezing while you’re out.

Leave a Single Low Flow Valve Open

Find the faucet located at your home’s lowest point, such as in a basement laundry sink. Leave it open so that air and water can drain freely during your absence.

Inspect Individual Water Ducts

Inspect all water supply lines and shut-off values to toilets and sinks to verify the absence of any leakage. If any moisture is evident, have a qualified Minneapolis plumber make necessary leak repairs before you leave.

Look Behind Your Fridge

If you have any plumbing lines located behind or beneath your refrigerator, pull the appliance completely out and check for any moisture or corrosion that could mean an active water leak.

Conduct Water Heater Prep

If you will be away for 30 days or more, completely drain the valve at the bottom of your water heater. Also, make sure to adjust the heater to its lowest possible setting to conserve energy.

Final Touches

After completing all the above steps, do a thorough visual inspection of your home’s exterior to check for visible drips or leaks. If you spot any wet areas or stagnant water, contact a qualified plumbing repair expert for an immediate evaluation of the situation.

Ask a friend or neighbor to visit your home periodically to make sure that nothing breaks or stops functioning while you are away. Instruct him or her to call Ben Franklin Plumbing of Minneapolis at 952-933-8888 in the event that a plumbing maintenance issue or emergency does arise.

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