What’s in Your Water? Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

These benefits of a reverse osmosis water filtration system could illustrate what's actually in your water.

That’s not just water you’re drinking.

Nearly every drop of water you consume has some level of impurities and contaminants, whether they be minimal or plentiful.

Though your water is generally safe to drink, you could be consuming materials you’d rather not have inside your body, such as bacteria or excess chlorine.

Instead of settling for unclean water, check out these benefits of a reverse osmosis water filtration system.

What is a Reverse Osmosis System?

A reverse osmosis water filtration system can be installed to provide high quality drinking water in your home. It uses high-pressure pumps to provide purified, desalinated water while dissolving inorganic solids.

An effective system is economical and reliable as it uses a semi-permeable membrane that filters the impurities and contaminants that are found in your water. Those impurities are eliminated through an attached drain, so you don’t have to worry about them showing up in your water bottles.

Why Do I Need One?

Taking a sip of water likely won’t trigger any seriious health problems, but the effects of impure water could begin to slowly take a toll. A reverse osmosis system will give you peace of mind as you stop worrying about the potentially harmful elements in your home’s water, including viruses, chlorine, bacteria, sodium and asbestos.

Besides, the system could also make your water look better and taste better, with less odor coming from your kitchen faucet. The pollutants in your water will be removed and they’re not retained by the system

It’s time to take the plunge and make your home’s water safer and healthier. You’ll probably eliminate much of your bottled water waste, too!

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can help you install a reverse osmosis water filtration system. Give our punctual plumbers a call today, and we’ll be at your home to make sure you have pure water running through your faucets. We’ll also help you with other plumbing needs, including drain cleaning and plumbing repairs.

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