Conventional Water Heater Installation

Conventional Water Heater

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing employs expert water heater plumbers who are skilled in troubleshooting water heater issues for all makes and models. Losing hot water can be such an inconvenience, and we strive to make your conventional water heater installation or repair as quick and efficient as possible to get hot water running through your home again in no time.

Benefits of Choosing a Conventional Water Heater Installation

Though tankless water heaters are gaining popularity, conventional water heaters are the most prevalent hot water heater in homes and businesses today. Also called storage water heaters, the conventional water heater stores water in a tank, usually somewhere between 20 and 80 gallons. Fuel sources vary but may include gas, electric, or propane. The benefits of choosing a conventional water heater include:

  • No fans or pumps to burn out
  • Low upfront costs
  • Reliable over decades of use
  • Easy installation
  • Less power/gas requirements
  • Utilizes solar power if necessary

While tankless water heaters are known to conserve energy, just because you use a conventional water heater doesn’t mean you have to settle for inefficiency. Many newer models have thicker insulation, motorized dampers to reduce heat loss, and an Energy Factory of at least .67, making it an affordable and energy-efficient option.

When to Consider a New Conventional Water Heater

Have you noticed that your water heater requires more frequent repairs, making your bills higher? Is your water heater simply not working to its highest efficiency? For either of these reasons, you might want to consider new water heater installation from our Minneapolis and St. Paul plumbers.

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