roof vent "What is making that gurgling sound?"

What’s That Gurgling Noise in my Sink?

If your drains make a strange gurgling noise whenever you turn on the water, you’re probably concerned. What does that noise mean? Is it a bad sign? Are my pipes working correctly? Is there anything I can do about it? Annoying as it may be, the gurgling can actually be a blessing in disguise. By … Continued

Downspout. "Preparing your Plumbing for Spring"

Getting Your Plumbing Ready for Spring

We’re a few days into April now, so we think it’s safe to tentatively call it spring. We hope. Now that we can safely venture back into that ancient, forgotten place called “outside,” you can make some proactive safety checks to make sure your home’s plumbing survived winter unharmed. A few quick steps like these … Continued

Are my pipes getting old?

Signs your Pipes are Getting Old and What to Do About It

No one wants to think about how old their pipes are. You probably even came into this blog feeling defensive. We get it: pipe replacement sounds expensive and inconvenient. There are good reasons why you should consider finding out how old your pipes are, however. Being proactive about taking care of plumbing always pays off … Continued

Improving Your Water Pressure

How to Improve Your Water Pressure

If you have low water pressure, here’s what’s probably causing it, and how you can find out for sure. If you already know you have low water pressure, don’t despair! There are a lot of ways to deal with low water pressure. Some of them don’t require an expensive fix–or spending money at all! If … Continued

water damage on home's ceiling. "Finding the invisible leaks"

The “Invisible” Plumbing Leaks

Some plumbing leaks are easy to find. If you have a leaking faucet or fractured pipe, you’ll be able to see it. Unfortunately, these aren’t the only leaks your home plumbing can spring. Sometimes, it can be hard to know you have a leak at all. These “invisible” leaks waste money and water, but because … Continued

attractive plumber fixing sink. Why you want a plumber to be your valentine.

Why You Want a Plumber to Be Your Valentine

Pop quiz: what do plumbers and the love interests of any teen coming-of-age romantic comedy produced in the early 2000s have in common? They’re a little rough around the edges, but give them a makeover, take off the comically oversized “nerd” glasses, and suddenly you have the perfect valentine. You might find it hard to … Continued

Woman clutching pillow in heavy winter coat sitting on couch at home, and looking unhappy. "What to Do When Your Heater Breaks Down"

What to Do if Your Heater Isn’t Working

In case you’re reading this because it just happened to you, we’ll cut to the chase: here are the things you should check if your heat isn’t working. The Thermostat First of all: double-check your thermostat. Is the temperature set high enough for it to trigger the furnace? If your thermostat is non-digital, is the … Continued

Minneapolis skyline in winter evening. "Save money on heating this winter"

How to Save Money on Heating this Winter

Well, it’s finally here: winter in Minnesota. Now that it’s January it isn’t even the “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” fun kind of winter. Now it’s the “Jack Frost ripping your ears off with 40 mph wind, 20 below without wind chill” winter. In the midst of these dark months, we’ve gotta stick together. … Continued

bacon sizzling in a pan. 5 Better Uses for Bacon Grease.

5 Uses for Bacon Grease (Other Than Going Down the Drain!)

Mmm… Bacon. The greatest of breakfast meats. The best reason to wake up in the morning. The hardest thing to cook shirtless. Bacon is truly a delight for the senses, from beginning to almost end.  There’s only one problem… the grease.  What do you do with that grease? It’s thick, slimy, and hard to deal with. … Continued

cartoon flooded bathroom with bathtub, lamp, and other things floating in blue water

What To Do When Your Bathroom Floods, Step-by-Step

Despite what it feels (and looks) like, a bathroom flood isn’t the end of the world, or even your house. There’s no reason to feel ashamed of a bathroom flood; sometimes, a freak accident can happen even if you’ve been diligent. Whatever you do, don’t panic or despair. The trick is to remain calm. No … Continued