Can Coffee Grounds Go Down the Drain?

Plain and simple— it’s best to avoid putting coffee grounds down the drain. Coffee grounds are among the biggest drain clogging offenders, along with fats, oil, and grease. Unlike other foods, coffee grounds don’t break down in water, in fact, they usually clump together. Overtime, the grounds build up and can get packed together in the drain.

You may have heard that coffee grounds help to eliminate odors and clean your garbage disposal; but since these small grains can easily clog your pipes, it’s best to avoid that method. Try using lemons and ice to clean your garbage disposal and eliminate odors.

How to Save Coffee Grounds for Later Use

If you can’t put coffee grounds down the drain, how do you get rid of them now? It’s simple—use a coffee filter. Place a coffee filter in the sink above the drain, pour the remaining coffee grounds in, and then carefully pull the sides of the filter together and remove from the sink. Mess avoided. (Images courtesy of Imgur.) Coffee Filter Ground Catcher

Other Ways to Dispose of Coffee Grounds


Plants can benefit from used coffee grounds. If you don’t have a full compost, coffee grounds can work by themselves. Spreading the grounds around your garden will work to repel insects, such as ants and slugs, and help to stimulate plant growth.Small Indoor Plant

Indoor House Plants

Same goes for indoor house plants. You don’t have to have an elaborate garden or green thumb to utilize this practice. Plus this is a great option when you’re yard is frozen in the winter.

Absorb Food Odor

Stinky refrigerator? Coffee grounds can help with that. Place a small open container of used grounds in the back of your fridge to absorb food odors. Coffee grounds are just one of the many natural ways you can eliminate odor in your refrigerator.

Exfoliate Skin

Scrub away dead skin cells by mixing coffee grounds with coconut oil. Give yourself an easy facial treatment by mixing 2 spoons of coffee grounds, 2 spoons of cocoa powder, 3 spoons of milk, and 1 big soon of honey.  Or, if you have lingering smells or fluids on your hands from mechanical work, use the grounds to scrub away the stubborn smells.

Cleanse Hair

Message a handful of grounds through your hair and rinse out. This will cleanse hair of built-up residue from styling products.

Check out this list of other items that also should not be put down your dishwasher. If it’s too late for your drain and the coffee grounds are already stuck, call the experts at Ben Franklin Plumbing. Our Punctual Plumbers are ready to provide drain cleaning services to any your sinks or drains. Contact us today and easily schedule your service online.

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