Dealing with a Bad Bathroom Smell, Naturally

Natural Ways to Fight Bathroom Odors

Look, everybody’s bathroom smells funky sometimes. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but we can’t blame you for finding it frustrating. Sometimes it feels like you’ve tried everything–deep cleaning, opening the windows, leaving the fan on–and that musty bathroom smell just won’t dissipate. You could spray the room down with artificial scents, but that’s just covering one gross smell with another.

There’s a better way: a natural way. There are all kinds of simple ways to eliminate a gross bathroom smell without relying on weird chemicals. Any one of these four ideas can seriously help fix your problem. Plus, if you get creative, you can make them into stylish bathroom decorations. Bonus! Next time you smell something groudy in your bathroom, put down that chemical spray and try one of these natural alternatives instead. You won’t be disappointed.

Baking Soda

baking soda is a great natural smellNot only does baking soda smell good, it actually absorbs bad odors. Fill a bowl or mason jar with baking soda and leave it uncovered in the bathroom. The neutralizing element of the baking soda will absorb and negate the gross smell you want to get rid of. Simply throw out and replace the baking soda about once a month, and it’ll keep effectively neutralizing your bathroom’s smells.

Baking soda doesn’t smell very strong on its own, so don’t worry about replacing one bad scent with another. If you’d actually like it to add a nice scent to the bathroom, you could sprinkle bath salts or another natural potpourri into its container. If you don’t like the way the baking soda looks, feel free to cover it up with something more aesthetically pleasing. Baking soda should still do the job as long as you don’t fully cover it up.

DIY Potpourri

Make natural potpourri for a great smell that fights bathroom smellsMaking your own potpourri is a fun way to spruce up your bathroom and take care of bad smells at the same time. Just take a bunch of different smells you like and throw them together in a crockpot or a bowl. Arrange them as you like or throw in some unscented decorations until it looks the way you want it to.

You can find all kinds of naturally scented ingredients at your local grocery store. Cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, paprika, ginger, pine cloves, orange peels, lemon slices, rose petals… the possibilities are endless! Mix-and-match until you find a combination you like, or switch it out every couple weeks. Just make sure you dispose of old ingredients, or you could end up dealing with a different bad smell.

Essential Oils

essential oils create can create a great natural smell in your bathroomEssential oils are the reason why flowers smell nice. These natural, aromatic liquids are called “essential” because they smell like the “essence” of the plant they’re extracted from. Essential oils are used to make perfumes, soap, flavoring, and even incenses. Most household scent diffusers use essential oils as their active ingredient. There are a ton of identified essential oils out there, so you’ll have plenty of great smells to choose from.

There are a lot of ways to apply essential oils to your bathroom, too. You can find cheap household diffusers at most hardware and department stores. These unobtrusive appliances plug into wall sockets and slowly release essential oils out into the room. You could also make your own air freshener by dropping cotton balls into a glass vase and soaking them with the essential oils of your choice. Just add some hot water on top of the oils and the smell will fill up your bathroom in no time.

Eucalyptus Leaves

eucalyptus leaves smell great in the bathroomEucalyptus trees, also known as “gum trees”, are native to Australia. The leaves of Eucalyptus trees have a distinctive, pleasant smell similar to pine or mint. This scent comes from the oils within the leaves, which can be extracted (hey! We just talked about that!). Eucalyptus leaves have high concentrations of oil in their leaves, so they smell good naturally even before extraction.

Hanging dried eucalyptus branches in your bathroom is a cheap, low-maintenance way to make your bathroom smell great. Hot, moist air helps express the oils in dried leaves, renewing the pleasant eucalyptus smell every time you bathe. You could also float the leaves on water in a glass bowl. However you use them, eucalyptus leaves are a great way to add some natural, stylish flair to your bathroom and fight bad odors at the same time.


There’s always a solution to bathroom troubles, even timeless ones like bad odors. Next time your candles, air fresheners, or sprays don’t work out, try one of these solutions instead. If these don’t work, don’t give up! You should never have to learn to live with unpleasant plumbing problems, minor or major–not if we have anything to say about it.

If you’ve tried everything and the odor still won’t go away, it may be a sign that there’s something more serious happening. Give Ben Franklin plumbing a call and we’ll be able to figure out what that “something serious” is and fix it for you. Broken plumbing isn’t your fault, so don’t let embarrassment prevent you from seeking the assistance you deserve.

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