How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal in 2 Minutes

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal in 2 Minutes

Out of sight, out of mind. Don’t let that be the case for your garbage disposal.

The garbage disposal and kitchen sink can contain more than half a million bacteria—about 1,000 times more than the average toilet.

If your garbage disposal is clogged or broken, you should address those problems first; but when it comes to a good cleaning, we’ve got you covered right here.

3 easy steps to clean your garbage disposal:

1. Water

Run cold water then turn on the disposal.

2. Ice

Put a few handfuls of ice cubes down the disposal as quickly as it will take them. Use a wooden spoon to gently push cubes down—NEVER use your hands.

Allow the ice to chop. This will freeze all the stuck debris, causing it to chunk off the impeller blades and out of the holes in the plate. (Warning: this may cause debris or discolored water to emerge. Don’t be alarmed. After it has been broken loose by the ice, it will fully wash down the drain.) Run for a minute or until all the cubes and any possible debris have gone down the drain.

3. Lemon

Cut up a lemon or lime into small pieces. Drop down the drain with water and disposal still running. This should eliminate any odors and leave a lemony fresh scent. Turn off the disposal, then turn off the sink.

Sit back, relax, enjoy the sensational citrus smell that fills your kitchen, and breath easy knowing your garbage disposal is clean. If you’re having garbage disposal issues, don’t hesitate to call Ben Franklin Plumbing. Our Punctual Plumbers are available to help with garbage disposal repair and maintenance. Our technicians can help with any other drain or plumbing problems in the kitchen. Schedule your service today.

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