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Plumbing noises you never want to hear

4 Plumbing Noises You Never Want to Hear

Nobody likes mysterious noises in their wall. You assure yourself that the unexplained knocking, banging, and clanging in the walls isn’t a ghost. You remind yourself every time you hear it from your bed late at night. But without a more reasonable explanation… Well, we’re here to give you that more reasonable, less paranormal explanation. … Continued

4 Reasons to Ditch Bottled Water

4 Reasons to Ditch Bottled Water and Filter at Home

Bottled water doesn’t live up to the hype you may have heard. More often than not, there isn’t much of a difference between water from your tap and water bought in a bottle. In fact, if you have a whole-home water filtration system, then the water from your tap is actually better than anything you … Continued

How to Help Your Plumbing Recover After the Holidays

How to Help Your Plumbing Recover After the Holidays

The holidays can be rough if you were the one hosting your family. It takes a lot to recover from the people sleeping everywhere, touching everything, and probably not picking up after themselves. While your first priority might be washing the sheets, searching for empty cans, and taking the ten million pounds of garbage out, … Continued

How to keep your pipes from freezing this winter

How to Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

There are a lot of things that characterize a Minnesota winter. Beautiful snowfall, ice skating, snowmen, hot cocoa… and the ever-present danger of frozen pipes. Welcome to the Midwest, right? While the team at Ben Franklin Plumbing MN can’t help you win your local igloo building contest, we can help you protect your home from … Continued

10 Preventative Winter Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Winter is great! There’s snuggling, warm beverages, indoor game nights, and all manner of other pleasant, cozy things. Winter is also dangerous! It makes roads slippery, and everything takes more effort to get done… things like taking care of your home plumbing, for instance. That’s why we’ve put together this list of ten preventative winter … Continued

4 Everyday Habits That Hurt Your Plumbing

Despite your best intentions, sometimes even your home-maintaining habits can cause more harm than good. Unfortunately, that counts double when it comes to plumbing. Like they say, the road to you-know-where is paved with good intentions. There’s no need to beat yourself up about it, however, because it’s not too late to learn better habits. … Continued

How Do Water Filtration Systems Work?

A whole home water filtration system is a device installed where the water main enters your home. Water filtration can seem complicated, but most whole home systems use a surprisingly straightforward process. This process breaks down into three stages. The first stage pre-filters removes physical contaminants, the second removes chemicals, and the final stage remove … Continued

Natural Ways to Fight Bathroom Odors

Dealing with a Bad Bathroom Smell, Naturally

Look, everybody’s bathroom smells funky sometimes. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but we can’t blame you for finding it frustrating. Sometimes it feels like you’ve tried everything–deep cleaning, opening the windows, leaving the fan on–and that musty bathroom smell just won’t dissipate. You could spray the room down with artificial scents, but that’s just … Continued

Preparing Your Plumbing Before You Fly South

Snowbirds: Preparing Plumbing for a Winter Away

Here in the “Great North”, we get the “splendor” of fall well before the official start of the season. What we’re saying is, we don’t blame you for wanting to get out of here. Winter is coming. If you’re anything like us, however, then there are probably about a billion tiny but somehow terribly important … Continued

The Greatest Plumbing Projects in History

3 of the Greatest Plumbing Projects in History

Few professions seem more humble than plumbing. We literally do the dirty jobs that keep modern life from, well, stinking. Just because we do our best work in the background doesn’t mean we don’t bust loose every once in awhile, however. Plumbing has been an essential aspect of developing society ever since people started living … Continued