Real Life Nightmare: What to Do When You’ve Clogged Someone Else’s Toilet

A clogged toilet is bad enough. Here's what to do if you've clogged someone else's toilet.

Suddenly, escaping out the bathroom window seems like a completely viable option.

The toilet water is swirling, the floor is beginning to flood, and your mind is in overdrive thinking of an alibi to explain where you were when the upstairs toilet clogged.

Clogging the toilet at a party, or at a friend or neighbor’s home, is a terrifying, all-too-real possibility. The embarrassment might be enough for you to go into hiding for a while, but these quick tips for dealing with clogging someone’s toilet could save you from moving across the country:

Don’t let the water run

When the water is racing to the top of the toilet brim as fast as your heart is beating, it’s best to turn off the water ASAP. Look behind the toilet and reach for the shutoff valve to turn off the water. Turn it to the right, and you’ll save yourself from searching the home for a mop.

Stop the flushing

Your first reaction might be to keep flushing while hoping for the best, but this might only bolster the clog. Instead of increasing your odds of flooding the floor, take other measures.

Take the plunge

The plunger is going to be your new best friend. If you’re lucky enough to find the trusty tool sitting in the bathroom, it’s time to start plunging. Don’t plunge with no rhyme or reason. There’s a right way to do this, and it starts with a gentle first plunge to get things moving. Keep plunging and hold on to your sanity as you patiently wait for the clog to go away. If you’ve searched high and low with no luck of finding a plunger, sneak away to ask the host where they keep it.

Fess up

When all else fails, it’s time to execute your plan of escaping out the window. Or, just fess up to the host about the issue in the John. There’s no use trying to run away from the toilet clog — people will likely trace the evidence back to you. Calmly explain the issue to the host and swallow your pride as you offer to help with the problem.

When the clog is too big of a feat for you or the host to handle, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is here to help. Our plumbers are trained in areas of emergency plumbing, toilet repair, and pipe replacement. Give us a call day or night and we’ll be there to deal with your clogged toilet. Or, if you’re suffering from frequent clogs, perhaps it’s time for a new porcelain throne.

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One Response to “Real Life Nightmare: What to Do When You’ve Clogged Someone Else’s Toilet”

  1. Jimallroggen

    Oh it was so bad! My brother in law had a H2o saving toilet that was gentile flush and it was x-mas with a full house and I don’t mean cards! I was eating so much the past couple of days and wham! I feel like I am pitching a 55 gal oil drum. The fear and the quiet panic I just could not add to this story of a bowl of wrath. So I snuck outside in the dark and went full glory and dropped a mighty loaf that you could here a mile away! Covered the mess with snow and walked in like Prince Charming only to look out the window and see the family dog feasting on the leftovers! Never let a dog lick you in the face! Ever.


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