Spring Cleaning: Bathroom Checklist

Bathroom Checklist Spring Cleaning

Did you know that you’re spreading germs and bacteria throughout your bathroom every time you flush the toilet with the lid off? Even 90 minutes after a toilet has been flushed, almost 50 contaminated water droplets can be dispersed on the surrounding surfaces—yuck! Be sure to keep the lid down when flushing and keep a consistent cleaning schedule for your bathroom.

There’s a lot of places we forget to clean in our homes—don’t let the bathroom be one of them! It’s time for a good spring cleaning and we’ve got you covered with this bathroom checklist:


If your home has a boiler, radiators are used to distribute heat. It’s very easy for dust to build up in the many crevices on the radiator and this dust can be distributed throughout your home along with the heat. We suggest starting with cleaning your radiator, as dust might settle onto different areas of the room when disturbed.

Trash Can

Do you have a mysterious odor lingering in your bathroom even after you clean it? It’s probably the trash can; it’s easily forgotten about when it comes to cleaning. Make sure to empty the trash and scrub the inside of the can with disinfectant.

Toilet Cleaning toilet, wiping off the top.

Of course it’s necessary to clean the inside of the toilet bowl, but don’t stop there. The outside of the toilet needs to be cleaned as well; the top of the tank, the bottom half, crevices, behind the toilet, and especially the handle. Toilet handles easily transfer germs from one hand to another after a toilet is flushed.


Cleaning a mirror can make the biggest difference in the appearance of your bathroom. You probably don’t notice it every time you use the bathroom, but your mirror is most likely covered in toothpaste splashes from brushing your teeth; along with dust, fingerprints, and streaks. A bright, shiny mirror will make a big impact on how clean your bathroom feels.

Towels Towels in Laundry Basket

If you’re bathroom has a musty smell, it’s likely your towels and linens. It’s recommended to wash your bath towels once every three to four uses. If that doesn’t seem realistic to you, try getting a second set and wash both sets together after an accumulative eight uses. Bathmats need to be washed once every one to two weeks.

Sink and Counter Tops

The faucet handle in your bathroom can contain  6,267 bacteria/square inch. This is another place where germs are likely to be transferred from one person to another. The drain area of the bathroom sink can contain 2,733 bacteria/square inch. Be sure to give these areas a good disinfecting. Also, wipe down the counter tops to remove make-up, dust, soap residue, and general build up.

Medicine Cabinet/Drawers

When is the last time you took everything out of your medicine cabinet or bathroom drawers and gave it a good cleaning? If you’re answer is never, we don’t blame you; this area is often forgotten about. After you’ve given it a good cleaning, you’ll be able to reorganize the inside as you put the products back into place.

Vents Dusty Bathroom Vent Being Cleaned with Sponge

Vents are often forgotten about since they hide on our walls and ceilings, but they are another big place that dust accumulates. If possible, unscrew the vents from the wall for easy cleaning. Bring them outside and rinse off with a hose. Be sure to dry completely before putting them back into place. If you’re not able to temporarily take the vents off, use a rag or vacuum to remove any dust.

Shower & Shower Curtains

Clean the inside of the shower area including the bathtub, walls, handles, and any crevices mold, mildew, or soap build up could be hiding. If you have a shower curtain, throw it in the washing machine for a good cleaning. If the curtain liner is looking extra grimy, it’s inexpensive to replace and can make a huge difference in the cleanliness of your bathroom.


Last, but not least, the floor. Once you’ve completed the other steps on your bathroom checklist, it’s time to clean the floor. Dust, hair, fingernail clippings, make-up, dirt—you name it, it’s probably on your bathroom floor. Be sure to get into all the corners and crevices to ensure a good cleaning.

Spring cleaning is also a good reminder that it’s probably time to replace any loofahs you keep in your shower. If you run into any plumbing issues during your bathroom spring cleaning, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Our Punctual Plumbers can help you with anything from drain cleaning to leak repair or any other plumbing emergency. Contact us today to schedule an appointment online.

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