Why You Want a Plumber to Be Your Valentine

attractive plumber fixing sink. Why you want a plumber to be your valentine.

Pop quiz: what do plumbers and the love interests of any teen coming-of-age romantic comedy produced in the early 2000s have in common? They’re a little rough around the edges, but give them a makeover, take off the comically oversized “nerd” glasses, and suddenly you have the perfect valentine.

You might find it hard to believe, but plumbers are the best valentine anyone could ask for. The same personality traits and skills that make them great at their jobs also make them great dates! Seriously! It’s not like we’re trying to convince you to be our valentine or anything. Well… that’s not all we’re trying to do. We promise we won’t wear the uniform? Unless you’re into that.

Here are four reasons why you should consider making a plumber your valentine this year! You won’t be disappointed. (For best results, please read the following blog to the dulcet tones of your favorite Barry White song.)  


man sitting on bench with flowers looking at watch


We know it’s an old-fashioned notion for a suitor, but it’s still important: plumbers are always on time. Whether they’re on the job or picking you up for a nice date, plumbers make a point to arrive exactly when they say they will. To the plumbers at Ben Franklin Plumbing, punctuality is paramount because it demonstrates respect. Your plumber appreciates that you have a busy schedule and can’t afford to waste time waiting on a tardy service. Ben Franklin’s technicians respect your time because they respect you.

Plumbers aren’t just punctual when it’s convenient for you, either. Just like Ben Franklin offers 24-hour plumbing service that’s on-call when you need it, your plumber valentine will be there for you right when you need them. Whether it’s 3 in the morning and you need some chocolate, or you forgot your lunch at home, or you just wanna snuggle a little, your valentine has you covered–just like they have their customers covered everyday. You gotta admit, that’s pretty attractive.


Man in tuxedo wrapping shawl around woman dressed in formal black dress


Think about it: to be a great plumber, you have to pay attention. You gotta listen to the plumbing system: you gotta get to know its personality, its unique quirks and mannerisms, and really get a feel for what’s hurting and how you can fix it. Dating, obviously, is the same. Plumbing and dating are basically the same thing. What? They pretty much are.

That’s why plumbers are great listeners. They’re interested in getting to know all about you: your interests and hobbies; your hopes and dreams; your fears and anxieties. See, just like when they’re on the job, plumbers are all about what you need, and how they can help you get it. Whether that’s fixing a persistent clog, repairing a broken pipe, taking your dog on early morning walks when you had to work late, or helping you finally put together that IKEA shelf you bought two years ago.


Two men sitting on bench outside. One seems upset, the other consoles him by putting his hand on the other man's back.


Home plumbing is a delicate system. You have to know exactly what you’re doing when you’re tending to a plumbing system, or you risk making a small problem much worse. A plumber has to be knowledgeable, precise, focused, and–dare we say–tender. Those are all attributes you want in a valentine.

A plumber isn’t the type of valentine to take what they want and care about you only when it’s convenient for them. A plumber wants to get to know you so they can fit into your life and fix what’s broken–carefully, gently–just like they plunge a toilet or clean your sewer line. That sounded really dreamy until the last part, but the point stands. For your plumber valentine, you’re their most complex and most fulfilling project yet, and they can’t wait to get to work.


Handyman with six extra arms, each of which is holding a different type of tool.


This almost goes without saying, but who doesn’t love a valentine who’s handy? A valentine that can fix anything, even a broken heart? A plumber is that valentine. Ben Franklin’s certified technicians are experts in all manner of home repair. Whether it’s repair, replacement, installation, cleaning, or diagnosis, your valentine can do it all and do it well.

Imagine it: you’ve got a valentine who can take care of you and your house. This is a valentine who’s always there for you, whether you had a hard day at work or you clogged your toilet again. Whether you’re afraid your father will never give you the validation you desperately seek, or you really need a new water softener, this is a valentine that has what you need. What’s hotter than that?


So: if you’re looking for a hot date this Valentine’s Day, consider asking your friendly neighborhood plumbing expert. If you really have to, you can use a plumbing repair job as a pretense: remember we’re literally always available, 24/7.

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